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Craig speaking at conference


I educate business leaders, owners, and managers to understand that the key to business success is understanding the people in their business. If you understand your people you will go a long way to getting the best out of your people.

Learn how to get the best from your team members.

Craig EmCeeing an event

MC (EmCee)

My ability to bring an event to life in a professional yet relaxed way has enabled me to MC events from 50 to 500 people. I have MC'd weddings, business seminars and National Conferences both here in Sydney and Nationally.


Bringing your event to life 

Forum Group Facilitating


​I facilitate round table discussions for businesses with revenues from 10 million to 380 million dollars. Using a robust structure and process, my Connect10 program, enables business owners and their businesses to be the best they can be. ​

Learn from others as you build your business future

Craig training for Investible

Training Mentor

​I coach train and mentor individuals who have great content but do not have a background in adult learning theory. I ensure your content is engaging, relevant, and presented in a way that ensures that you are being the best possible educator you can be.

Discover how to be a great trainer and/or presenter