Virtual Mastermind

Utilising our amazing Connect10 process business owners meet virtually on a monthly basis to discuss some of the opportunities and challenges they are facing in their business. 


With no competing businesses and confidentiality being the secret of success to this program participants can eliminate that feeling of loneliness that often occurs for business owners. 

Think of it as a pseudo advisory board with out the cost. It gives you access to other leaders thoughts, experiences and expertise. There is nothing better than peer to peer to learning.



Build your business future


Do you feel stuck sometimes? Wonder if other businesses have the same issues?  Do you need a trusted group to bounce ideas off? The good news is you are not alone. 


The value and benefit of participating in a group of people from diverse backgrounds, expertise, and generations are immeasurable. Members share their experiences within a strict robust and confidential process so as to provide a safe environment for members to discuss their business opportunities and challenges


A Connect10 member:

  • Focuses on business growth

  • Believes in the power of collaboration

  • Leverages the experience of like-minded business leaders

  • Earns 10 million to 60 million in revenue per annum

  • Has a growth mindset 

The Connect 10 difference:

  • Over 17 years of professional facilitation skills

  • All facilitators have Business Coaching Qualifications

  • Great Locations